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Off Leash Group Trail Walks

**Trail walks are in the beautiful East Bay Regional Parks. We practice positive reinforcement techniques on the trail. Our vehicles always have fresh water available and we use biodegradeable poop bags. We wash our car windows, dog towels and clean our home with natural and safe Green products. Walk includes foxtail/ tick check & hosing/ towel drying your dog if needed.

PREREQUISITES FOR OFF LEASH TRAIL WALKS: Dogs must be non-aggressive, well behaved, not pull much on leash and must have reliable recall skills. Adult dogs must be spayed or neutered. All dogs MUST have either a city dog license or rabies vaccination tag & accurate identification tag on them at all times per the Regional Park rules. All dogs must be on a flea & tick regimen and current on Rabies, Bordetella, and DHP vaccinations. We highly recommend you also microchip your dog & vaccinate for the dog flu.